Monday, January 28, 2008

(NO title yet) 2nd chapter

Hopping back into my model 1997 lime green station wagon, Old Tallulah, I decided Harvey
would be a helluva room mate. So I was Kinda Happy Georgia was staying their.
I looked Into the rear view mirror noticing the tiny amber specks splashed upon my emerald eyes. When Harvey had seduced me years ago he had all ways commented my eyes & my chestnut brown hair... Everything led back to Harvey...
I reached the top of the hill wondering if the engine would cut off & i would Be sent spiraling backwards into on coming traffic. Another lucky drive up that monstrous hill. One of these days old Tallulah is just going to plow backwards into traffic.
I entered Lemmington View apartments complex with a sigh remembering all the fun times her old Friends had had here. Remembering all the heart break that lurked under the surface. And what had began it..
" Oh come on Laurii the baby will be fine with your sister, OK it will be all right." a couple passed, one arm around each other. the guy seemed to recognize me for a mill second then returned all focus to his wife.
The man seemed vaguely familiar..
Lemmington Apartments was run down, and reeked of marijuana , mostly because a former Friend turned dealer of Harleigh's lived next to her in room 402. The green paint was peeling, on the walls to reveal tons of colors, it all most looked like a two year old had finger painted underneath the paint..
I reached Harleigh's room & knocked. Harleigh's vibrant face answered, Harleigh was still zipping up her pants. Good ol' Harleigh. Harleigh's eye' flicked towards a ratty old guy walking up Be hind her "Harleigh..." I gave her that you can earn money different ways look.
"what, Come on Avy's " the ratty guy ran out throwing a fifty to Harleigh. " you are better than that," I sighed.
" Oh come on Avy's a girl has got a make a living, others just choose more
conventional choice's." Harleigh gave a tiny smirk as I made my way 2 her burgundy couch.
I plopped down, taking it all in. my face scrunched up at a prutred smell. " Oh god Harleigh wat is that smell?" i asked. " Well I was making some veil patty's see." she shoved a skillet filled with foul smelling meat in my face. " You hate veil, why are you making it?!?!!?!"
" Oh i was just in the mood for some veil," a look of disbeleif passed my face. I ignored that lie for the moment. " Harleigh....." then i spilled it all ending with needing to crash at her house for awhile.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

(no title yet) Ist chapter

When I walked into my mothers house & found her watching re-run's of C.S.I I new she was drunk. And when her boyfriend Harvey lucas walked out of the bathroom wereing nothing but a towel wrapped around his midrifted i new their would be trouble. Trouble seams to follow Harvey. "Hey kid what are you doing here?" he tied the towel tighter around his waist. 
 "I'm moving in."  I said point blank. their was something I didnt like about Harvey, mabey it was his smug expression or his sarcastic tone. I just couldn't stand him
 Which is why its so weird my best freind is his sister Harleigh. Harleigh is the complete opposite of Harvey. Harleigh is funny, without being sarcastic, Harvey is well only sarcastic.
 "Well unless you plan on livin in the laundry room, " he puffed a big smoke ring from his ciggerete "that ain't happenin, I'm on the couch an your maw's freind Georgia's in the geust room." he said in his thick brooklyn accent.
 "Well can't Georgia go stay at her on house?" I said, still grasping hope. even though the thought of sharing living space with Harvey didnt sound appealing. "Nope darlin Georgia & lester are at it again. No surprise realy." he inhaled 
  " Well were am i going to stay then?" could anything ever go the way I plan? Well if anything was to go my way why would it start now. " Go stay with Harleigh she finally kicked that hood  John out."  he never had liked John, but then again who did?
 "But you know I'd be willing to give up my spot for a little something Avery..." he tried to kiss me & I slapped him knowing I had left a hot burn, because his face was flushed. "I was stupid a long time ago Harvey, when I thought you were charming, but I no now what you are like." i hissed with a look in my eye that must have said just try to kiss me again & see wat happen's.
 And as thing's usually end with girls leaving the space of Harvey, I  left with a new found disgust with Harvey Lee Lucas